We offer 3 different conferences:
The power of a look

Today, I am a happy man! Both in my personal and professional life. How did I succeed despite the obstacles caused by my learning disabilities? Yes, I am dyslexic and hyperactive.

The power of a look. This 60 to 90 minute conference, is a funny and touching testimonial of my life. I insist on the three factors that, in my opinion, saved my life and made ​​me a productive and happy man.

The goal of this conference is to give hope to young people with learning disabilities and their parents. It also provides tools for teachers and all professionals who have to work with these young people. Especially now that reducing dropout rates is a topical matter.

I gave this conference in several schools, to different groups of parents and teachers, to Chambers of Commerce, and many organizations: LDAQ , ASGEMSQ, CSMB, CSDBF. I can talk in front of a small group of students as well as in front of more than 1,000 people.

To persuade you of the interest people have in this conference, I invite you to consult the following article:

Mr. Lajeunesse,

Congratulations for your conference. You captivate the public with your energy. The message was heard.

Here, as requested, is the link to the text that will appear in the newspaper tomorrow.

Until next time!
Retail sales
Length: 160 minutes

About being a professional salesman, to sell better (160 minutes)

I believe in relational sales. We must sell our skills, not a product. One of the salesperson's obstacles is the image they have of sales. This conference shows them how to love what they do and how to be constantly successful.


Customer psychology


Difficult situations

Length: 90 minutes

The fact that we came into the world making sounds doesn’t mean we know how to communicate well.

The conference is about communication. Both in the workplace and in everyday family life. Everywhere something is proposed, we must convince or negotiate. Who does not have a project to sell, an idea to make reality, a wish to achieve?

Anything can be said, but everything depends on how it is said. How to create a good climate for dialogue? How is the message sent? Is it clear? How is it perceived or interpreted? Where do the errors of understanding come from? What are the dangerous words to use?

This conference focuses on what it takes to improve the quality of communication.

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