Courses & Workshops

We offer a wide range of courses & workshops for the development of your employees.

The workshops put your employees in particular situations and explain in detail the best ways to respond to them.

The basics of each course sit on the same philosophy:
1) Sell a skill instead of selling a product
2) Show your interest in finding the right product in relation to the reality of the customer

Each course is divided into two parts: A theory section followed by workshops.

In addition, each course is customized to your business.



Our courses are based on customer psychology and a sales technique which makes you stay in control and save time!


Greeting the customer

We have developed a series of workshops on how to greet the customer.

Preparing for the presentation of the product

One must know his product to be able to properly introduce, describe and explain it to the customer. In short, to sell it!

Discovering the customer

Sales proposition is based on what we learned from the customer.

Discovery and proposition

Sale proposal is based on what we learned from the client.


The customers' trust will be won by understanding their objections.

Closing and complementary sales

The end of the selling process also requires it’s share of work and concentration. This is the time to ensure that the customer adheres to your offer.

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