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Martin Lajeunesse offers three types of conferences. All three are dynamic, fun, enriching and true. Each of them promote the same vision and share the same values.

If we are conscious of our actions, if we know what to do to be happy, we will consistently reproduce these actions in our personal and professional lives. It's simple but true.
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Courses & Workshops

We offer a wide range of courses & workshops in order to perfect your employees skills.

The workshops put your employees in real life situations and review in details the best ways to respond to those situations.

Each course is based on the same philosophy:
1) Sell a skill rather than sell a product
2) Show your interest in finding the right product in relation to the customer's real life situations

Each course is divided into two parts: A theory section followed by workshops.
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The staff is an important asset for any business. Managing it can be difficult, but also very rewarding. Knowing how to mobilize, communicate, engage and be a guide for your employees development is a key to success for the staff, for the manager and the business itself.

The tendency is to focus on the quantitative results rather than focusing on the quality of the staff’s development. I therefore provide training to help managers to find and to keep employees as well as maximizing their potential.
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Virtual learning offers practical, interactive and continuous training for a fast, simple and inexpensive transmission of information. Knowledge that participants need to know and can put into practice immediately.
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Who we are

Since 1991, Persuasion Communications’s president and senior certified trainer, Martin Lajeunesse, works for the improvement of his academic courses while adapting his methods to meet the needs of the retail industry.
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